Half Life Anniversary

I posted this on Instagram, but wanted to repost here for posterity.

While Valentine’s Day may not be something we care about, February 14th means so much to me.

17 years ago we started dating on a Friday afternoon just like this one. The stuffed bear I gave you that day is still with us, upstairs in our youngest’s crib.

Today, we’ve been together half our lives.

What I’m most excited for is that starting tomorrow, we will have been together more than half our lives. And every day after, I’ll know I’ve spent the better part of my life with the perfect partner for me.

I ❤️ You, Caroline.

(And even though this is a big milestone, let’s just stay home and eat popcorn tonight. 😉)

As a huge Psych fan, I was very excited to go to Santa Barbara. This was the only thing I saw related to show though, as it was filmed mostly in Canada!

Had a great time with just me and H over the weekend playgrounds, hiking and cake pops. I asked him what he wants to do next time and he listed off everything we did that day ?

My first goal of the year was a perfect activity ring month (38 days and counting). I traveled, was sick for 11 days and ran in the rain twice but never missed a workout. I don’t think I’ll continue the streak but I learned to change my thinking from “if” I’ll work out to “when”

I hope your day today is like our mail carrier’s. Blasting music and dancing as he delivers the mail.