WordPress Plugins

  • bbPress – Featured Replies

    Lets the admin add "featured" or "buried" css class to selected bbPress replies.

  • bbPress – Report Content

    Give your bbPress forum users the ability to report inappropriate content or spam in topics…

  • Community Watch

    Allows users to report inappropriate content across a site's content types.

  • Jetpack Holiday Snow Opt-In

    Make Jetpack's Holiday Snow feature accessible by only showing it if user has opted-in by clicking a snowflake displayed on the page.

  • Redirect Front-End

    A small plugin that lets you "hide" the front-end of a site, redirecting to the WP Dashboard.

  • Remove Double Space

    Remove duplicate whitespace in between sentences or elsewhere within posts. Useful if multiple contributors use different styles for sentence spacing.

  • WP VeriteCo Timeline

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