No more Disneyland Annual Pass

It feels silly to write this little requiem for an annual pass at an amusement park. But I’m OK being silly. We aren’t Disney mega-fans but wow did we love Disneyland and our annual pass. We visited Disneyland at least once per month for almost 2 years.

Maybe there will be another way to do this in the future, but a single giant trip is nowhere near as enjoyable as taking our shorter, more frequent trips. Going at a slow pace versus racing through to check things off a list is what made it so fun for us. There was no stress about what we did and didn’t have time for, or if a ride was closed down. Some of our best memories are hitting some rides (teacups might be a family favorite) and then having the kids run around on the pier in California Adventure while Care and I enjoyed a beer. They were happy just being there.

We will miss it and I’m glad we spent so much time there with our kids.

(via NYTimes)