Had a great time with just me and H over the weekend playgrounds, hiking and cake pops. I asked him what he wants to do next time and he listed off everything we did that day ?

My first goal of the year was a perfect activity ring month (38 days and counting). I traveled, was sick for 11 days and ran in the rain twice but never missed a workout. I don’t think I’ll continue the streak but I learned to change my thinking from “if” I’ll work out to “when”

One more year and we’ve been together for half our lives. Thank you for managing (and creating 🙂 ) our chaos, loving our babies, and always making me laugh. I love you. Happy 33 @carolineaton!

"How far is Anza-Borrego?" I innocently asked this morning. An hour later we had reached the Visitor Center (highly recommended), ate lunch at Kesling’s Kitchen, made Henry’s dreams come true with life-size dinosaur and dragon statues, and hiked The Slot. Maybe next time we’ll check the weather first (106 F)! #anzaborrego