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Learning JavaScript & jQuery

It’s been on my list for a long time to get better at JavaScript and jQuery. I use both of these every day (mainly jQuery) but have never really felt comfortable with them. I’ve been collecting some learning resources (both free and paid) and thought I’d share them with you.

30 Days to Learn jQuery

A fantastic (free) video series from Jeffrey Way, of Laracasts, and previously with Envato. I thought I knew jQuery pretty well, but learned a ton of new things, and best practices even in the first few videos. I would highly recommend this series even if you think you already know jQuery.

30 Days to Learn jQuery – tuts+ – free with signup

Eloquent JavaScript

A great overview of JavaScript, also written as an introductory programming text. It seems odd to recommend an introductory book, but I really enjoy these, even after programming for several years. I always seem to pick up something new. If you’ve never been exposed to object-oriented programming or functional programming, you will definitely pick up a few things from this excellent book while learning JavaScript.

Eloquent JavaScript – free to read online

JavaScript: The Good Parts

Probably the most recommended JavaScript text available, but it’s not for beginners. However, Secrets of the JavaScript Ninja lists this book as a good intro text, so I’ll finish this one before diving into the next. It’s written by the developer of JSLint and JSMin, who also popularized JSON. by Douglas Crockford

JavaScript: The Good Parts – Kindle Edition ~$9 at Amazon

Secrets of the JavaScript Ninja

Written by the creator of jQuery, I’ll read this book last after finishing everything above. I’m normally not a fan of anything with “ninja” in the name, but this book appears to cover about as much advanced JavaScript as I could care to know and I’m looking forward to going through it. by John Resig and Bear Bibeault

Secrets of the JavaScript Ninja – Paperback (+ ebook) ~$25 at Amazon

Bonus Material:

Options to go through after completing everything above:

JavaScript The Right Way

A list of many free resources for learning all the JavaScript things.

JavaScript The Right Way

Mozilla Developer Network (MDN)

The best reference out there for JavaScript and CSS.

MDN: JavaScript

Developing Backbone.js Applications

After gaining a better understanding of JavaScript and jQuery, I’d also like to look into Backbone.js and other JS frameworks, particularly since WordPress core is using Backbone for many new things in the admin. by Addy Osmani

Developing Backbone.js Applications

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