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Moving Forward

You may have heard the news: Moving On.

After working together for 4 years, we decided the best move for Reaktiv and each of us personally is to part ways. I’ve been leading client services since joining as a partner in 2014 and Norcross led our products, all of which will remain at Reaktiv Studios moving forward.

What happened?

There’s no #wpdrama here, and that has been one of the biggest lessons in this. Two people can be friends, work well together, and have similar goals but still decide to make a change. Norcross starts working with LiquidWeb in May, a client we’ve been working on some really cool things with. So, while he is leaving, he’s not going far and it’s a good thing for him and for us.

What’s happening with Reaktiv?

The team is staying in place and we’re having our best year yet. I’m lucky to come to work every day with such a capable, creative, and fun team. And we’re growing ?.

Moving forward, we’ll continue to grow as we expand our team and service offerings.

What about you?

Why, thanks for asking! My goal is to make Reaktiv Studios the best place to work in WordPress. In terms of my personal role, I’m continuing to lead client services and will be implementing a new growth plan on the product side. Design Palette Pro is stable but there’s definitely untapped potential there.

I’m excited to continue serving our clients and the WordPress community with Reaktiv Studios.

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  1. Thanks for the transparency, Josh. You and your engineers are so professional and “in sync” with what is going on at Wirecutter, that I occasionally forget y’all don’t work here. That is the highest praise I could ever give an outside agency. It is why I am excited to continue our relationship and see what is in store for the future of Reaktiv Studios.


  2. I have been a fan of Reaktiv Studio albeit from afar and love what you guys do.

    Happy to know with Andrew leaving, Reaktiv is on a great hand.

    Can’t wait to see what love would be given to Genesis design pallet pro.

  3. It’s pretty insane for me to read this. Good on you and Norcross for being able to come to a decision that you both are happy with.

    I’m excited to see how Reaktiv grows its products and services! Keep up the great work and I am sure that you’ll continue to grow and flourish šŸ™‚

  4. You guys are seriously the best, not only professionally but personally. I loved working with DPP. I see BIG success going forward for both of you.